My Favorite Bunny Books

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I love Bunnies! Don’t you? They are so soft and cuddly. Sitting down to read a good bunny book is one of my favorite moments. I love it when an author can write a beautiful story with something to learn about bunnies.  Here are my and my kids’ top ten favorite bunny books!

This is a beautiful book that reinforces family values. It has a charming story, with darling pictures. What do you think the baby bunny will grow up to be?

This is a classic. We love to read this one out loud and let the lesson of obedience be taught through Peter’s poor decisions.

This is a darling book for toddlers and babies. It is touch and feel, and interactive in many ways. A great book to help children to fall in love with reading!

And if you love that one as much as I did, why not try the whole set?

Here is the follow up on the tale of Peter Rabbit. When he and his cousin try to rescue his clothing left in Mr. Macgregors garden!

This is another really sweet one, written by Margaret Wise Brown. Its prose can lull a child to a state of peace! As well as give you a chance to talk about why a bunny can’t live in the places in the book.

Side note: As I sit here writing, my four year old came up to me to see what I was doing.  When she saw the book pictured here, she exclaimed “That’s the book you have! its the really cute one!” So there you have her opinion too!

This one is another fun interactive one. My preschooler loves to find all the bunnies hidden in the pictures, while I read the poems.

This is a sweet cute little book fun to read with toddlers and babies. It has only a few lines on each page which makes it great for smaller children.

This is another classic by Margaret Wise Brown. Written in such poetry that it can sweep the children right off to dreamland!

This is a fun interactive book again by Margaret Wise Brown (I really like her children’s books in case you couldn’t tell!) The child gets to make sounds as you learn what sounds the bunny hears.

Here is one more by Margaret Wise Brown. Another sweet tale of a little rabbit who almost swallows a bee.  My kids wanted to make sure I added this one.

I hope you have lovely holidays with lots of Bunny cozy moments!!

Have fun reading with your  children in your Daily life!

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