10 best Read aloud Bedtime books

Our family LOVES to read. Aloud, Quiet, while eating, when supposedly doing work,or sleeping, you name it. I personally enjoy reading, so it is one thing I do with my children for bonding time. I try to read especially at night while they are lying in bed. It gives me a little control over when they settle down and go to sleep. But more important it gives us something good to think about as we drift off to dreamland.

Once I mentioned cutting out the night reading. My oldest firmly disagreed. “No! thats like your six-on- one time with us!” While I laughed I also marveled at how personal reading can be, even when its not to only you.

Reading can also be like a secret tool. If the day starts to get crazy, you feel you have little control left, and you are about to want to yell, start to read outloud instead. Don’t worry if the kids are listening or not, just read.  Watch what happens!  (If nothing happens, try adding some enthusiasm, Some questions, some “WOW! This is neat!”

That said I wanted to share a few of my kids favorite books with you today. Thanks in advance for using the links I provide as it helps support our blog! (Make sure you check the prices of the used version of the books if the new ones are too expensive!)

This is my two year olds absolute favorite book for me to read out loud to her. She loves to re-state the last line of the book "Oh, I am so embarrassed!" This book will have you both laughing as Grover thinks of many ways to try to stop you from turning pages and getting closer to "the monster at the end of the book".

This timeless classic is a Favorite of many generations. You will enjoy learning the benefit of hard work along with your children.

This is a heartwarming story of the curious little monkey who makes paper boats out of the newspapers he is supposed to deliver. As a bonus it gives the instructions to make paper boats as well! You can have a fun project after your story time and lots of good memories. If your family really likes this curious little monkey get the whole set!



After I learned about A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning(TM) I learned how important good literature is to children so I doubled my efforts to read even bigger books to them.

This is a big hit with my four-to-six year old’s. It is full of beautiful illustrations by Ruth Sanderson. Your children will love to just look at the pictures while they fill their mind with good and beautiful things.

Some others that fill their minds with beauty, peace, and love are
 The classic story of sharing,

 a wonderful story about tempers, and how to deal with them.

 This is a cute story in rhyme about how many jobs this tree has!


 This timeless classic is worth reading every night. 

 Another classic whose wonderful rhymes will lull your child off to dreamland.

 This book is full of stories that teach about the animals you are reading about, as well as life lessons in a humorous manner. My children love it as much as i love reading it to them!

 This story is by the beloved author of "The Little Princess" and "The Secret Garden", Frances Hodgson Burnett. This story may be a little less known, but is no less beautiful. It is a lovely story about how goodness and love help people become their better selves. Remember to check the used version if the price is too steep on this one! I recommend this edition because of the beautiful pictures by Judith Ann Griffith) 

Tha’ts all for now, but I wish you the best in your bedtime story choices! Happy Reading!

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